Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Sketchy Boards Challenge

I was lucky enough to be chosen to do a guest design spot for sketchy boards challenge. 

I was given a sketch and a colour palette to work with

and here is what I came up with.

It's a bit busier than I would have liked but I didn't seem to have the right colour papers other than heavily patterned ones.  Anyway, it still shows off my gorgeous daughter Holly and beautiful grand daughter Ivy.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Tempus Fugit

Well, time is certainly flying by for me - it's nearly Christmas :o  How can this be happening?!!
I haven't made much recently what with one thing and another but mainly my craft room has had a bit of a refurb as I wanted to reduce the amount of stash I had.  I found that I had so much stuff I didn't know where to start when creating so I had a massive clearout, throwing it all on to boxes so my husband could paint and decorate and lay new flooring for me.  Once this was done, I had an enormous amount of sorting out to do.   I was organising a Macmillan coffee morning and thought this an ideal time to try and sell some of my crafty bits and donate the money I got to a good cause.

So  basically all I've made recently are some thank you cards for everyone who attended my Macmillan coffee morning and a birthday card for my son Adam.

This is some of the craty stuff I had for sale.

Adam's card

The start of my thank you cards - I love a bit of colouring in, it's so therapeutic :)

and here are a few of the finished cards - I made about 25 in total.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Welcome to my life

I've done the first of my layouts using the snap challenge photos - the one to use 6 or more photos.  I used this great sketch from Sketchy Boards as my inspiration.

and this is how it all panned out.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Final Snap challenge photos.

I've finally managed to get all the photos for the snap challenge and here they all are:

1.  vapour trails or clouds

2.  a horse drawn vehicle

3.  flowers in bloom

4.  a summer job in the garden

5.  something typifying my home town - roundabouts!

6.  hat

7.  ice cream

8.  balloons

9.  bubbles

10.  duck

11.  summer sunset

12.  eating al fresco

13.  something I would only do if the sun shines

14.  bunting

15.  summer shoes

16.  fruit growing

17.  water

18.  umbrella

19.  glasses

  20.  fete or festival

That's all the photos done, now I just have to do some layouts to get extra points :)

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Baby Love

Sue's August sketch is up if you want to check it out.  Make a page using the sketch as inspiration and you could be in for a prize :)

I chose to use a picture of my gorgeous number 2 grand baby, Ivy.

All the papers and embellies came from the kit I got at the weekend - love it.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

New Kid on the Block

Holly and Gracie have bought the most adorable puppy called Toby and he is a sproodle.  He's full of mischief but so good natured unlike one of our dogs.  He's good with the children, other dogs, joggers, bikes etc all of which cause Millie to get in to a state.
I saw this super sketch on My Creative Sketches and straight away I knew I wanted to use the pictures Holly took of me holding Toby.

At first I left the page just using navy and white but decided a pop of red might be nice to tie in with the flowers in the photo.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

30 years

I had some exciting post this morning - a nice, new scrapbooking kit so I thought I'd put it to good use straight away.
My lovely friend Sue does a sketch challenge each month and I love a good sketch so I used that as the basis of my page.
Here is the sketch and below my page.

It was our 30th wedding anniversary on 19th July and we thought it would be nice to go our for a meal with the family - hence the title lol!

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Grins & Giggles

A scrapbook page from me today for a change.  I did the weekly challenge on UKs and we were given a list and had to include 3 items off the list, one of which was a sketch.  I chose this sketch from Sketch n Scrap.

and this is what I came up with.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Snap challenge continued...

I'm going to struggle with no. 2 - a horse drawn vehicle but apart from that, my list is coming along nicely.  Here are my next few:-

5.  Something typifying my home town - roundabouts, lots and lots of roundabouts!

13.  Something one would only do if the sun was shining - sit with my feet in the paddling pool.

and last but not least for today,
18.  Umbrella - it's such a lovely day, we need to keep out of the sun for a bit.  (I can't believe I'm saying that!)

Please excuse the washing but life goes on even when doing a photo challenge Lol!

I'd forgotten I'd already got the hat one but I had to include these two I took today.

Erin-Rose jumping out of the bushes with her Grandpops to try and scare us

and this little poppet :)

Saturday, 9 July 2016

More Snap challenge photos

I've managed a few more photos over the last couple of days and here they are:

9.  Bubbles - Ivy enjoying her bath :)

11.  Summer sunrise or sunset - in my case it's the sunset.  The chance of me being up and about to catch a sunrise is highly unlikely!

12.  Eating al fresco.  We had the family round for a meal  this afternoon and it was nice enough to sit out in the garden.

14.  Flags or bunting.

15.  Summer shoes - my flip flops next to Erin-Rose's pretty pink shoes.

17.  Water - Erin-Rose and Chris enjoying the paddling pool and Adam pouring some water over his Dad.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with the final 6 photos I need to get yet which are:

2.  a horse drawn vehicle
5.  something typifying your holiday destination, or your home town if you are planning a staycation.
8.  kites or balloons
13.  somewhere you would only visit when the sun shines
18.  umbrellas
19. glasses